Emergency Disaster Services

T he Salvation Army in Waukesha-- serving Waukesha County exclusively since its founding in1894-- gratefully accepts your gifts of volunteer time and financial resources. They enable us to do vital work, in your name, to help those most in need.

Our Programs and Services

Our annual budget for Doing the Most Good here in Waukesha County, is a but under 2-million dollars. Our charitable work helps those Most In Need, and means that government is called to do that much less through taxes and fees.


Did You Know?

> We operate Waukesha County's largest emergency shelter for men, 24/7/365 .. We often sleep 40-50 men per night.

> Our shelter program is actually two programs: The Mens Emergency Shelter (short-term) and the Mens Renewal Lodge (longer-term with skill-building classes and case management.) 



> We operate a free Community Meal Program-- Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday every week-- serving 85-125 hungry people between 5:00 and 5:40pm in our middle level dining room.


> We operate one of the larger Food Pantry operations in Waukesha County, distributing tons of staples every year. This institution is an equal opportunity provider and once registered with us, allows those we serve to grab a cart and "shop" for the foodstuffs they need, or be given pre-sorted bags of groceries, depending on household size. The food pantry is open Tuesday and Wednesday 1-4pm, and Friday 9am-Noon.

> We provide limited after-school tutoring and supervised recreation including art and music lessons.

> We provide limited scholarships to disadvantaged children to attend residential camp in the warmer months near East Troy (Army Lake Camp).

> We operate our popular, annual Summer DAY Camp program, allowing children to stay current in their studies, expand their horizons and stay out of trouble.


IN DETAIL: The Specific Work We Do In YOUR Name. Every single thing we do takes dollars and volunteers.

Youth Ministry

     After-school Drop-in Program

     Character Building Program

     Music and Art Lessons

     Safe Babysitting Skills

     Summer Day Camp

     Army Lake Camp

Womens Ministry

     Corps Service Project(s)

     Quilt/Blanket and others Collection Drives

     Create Dining Room Decor for our Community Meal Program

     Holiday Bake Sale

Mens Ministry

     Men's Small Group Bible Study

     Tuesday Walk-in Laundry and Showers


Family and Social Service Programs

    Mens Emergency Shelter and Renewal Lodge

    Life Skills Classes

          > Basic Cooking Skills

          > Budgeting Skills

          > Anger Management Skills

          > Time Management Skills

          > Computer Lab - Resume Development

     Food Pantry Collection and Distribution - (This institution is an equal opportunity provider.)

     Our Daily Bread Room

     Three-times/week Community Meal Program

     Summer and school vacation weeks Feed The Kids Program

     Family Pathway of Hope Program

     Snackpack Program (Weekend Food For Families) -- Sent home in backpacks, from school.

     School Supplies Program (Backpack Coalition) -- School supplies in a backpack for needy families.

        The Waukesha County Backpack Coalition is a collaborative effort by several local social

        service agencies that have united to help provide financially challenged children and families

        with school supplies and backpacks. Eligible families sign-up in late Spring and very early

        Summer; backpacks are distributed in early August. For more information, call 262-547-7367

        and ask for the Family and Social Services staff. 

     Emergency Family Assistance Program

        >  Emergency Prescription Assistance

        >  Emergency Utility Assistance

        >  Emergency Clothing Assistance

Community Outreach and Community Services
     Local Service Extension(s) -- Mukwonago

     Nursing Home Ministry

     Community Cares Program

     Emergency Disaster Services (EDS Program) Local Disaster Relief, supporting police, fire, EMS, disaster services

We Give Thanks to God

       Bible Study

       Weekly Sunday Worship Services

Christmas Family Support

      Clothing and Toy Shop

      Adopt-a-Family Program

      Angel Tree Program