Advisory Board

Community Leaders Giving Back

Awide variety of interests, skill sets, experiences, contacts and management insights are needed to create every local Salvation Army Advisory Board. Openings occur from time-to-time, but the Waukesha Salvation Army's Advisory Board normally consists of twenty men and women from across Waukesha County.

These may include current or retired bankers, public relations advisors, marketers, small business owners, government leaders, members of the clergy, leadership of fire and police departments, people from the medical professions, educational administrators and teachers, journalists, accountants, attorneys, architects, computer/tech workers, and many other types of leaders.

The common thread is their strong support of and belief in The Salvation Army and its charitable work on behalf of those most in need. The Advisory Board generally meets ten times per year, plus members are appointed to and serve on various working committees.

They assist and advise the local Corps Officers on policy, programming, finances, public relations, facilities management, legal issues, real estate concerns, short- and long-range planning, problem solving, visioning of the future of the Corps, its volunteers, its staff, its priorities, its funding, its reputation in the community, and extending its reach with new volunteers, new donors, and new community supporters.


(Current to: 10-2017)

Chair: Judy-Lynn Mudlitz, Waukesha - Software Specialist (Retired)

Vice-chair: Steven Howard, Waukesha - Fire Chief

Treasurer: Jeff Lightfoot, Waukesha - Banker

Members: (Alphabetical Order by Last Name)

   Alan Gaudynski, Waukesha - Public Relations (Retired)

   Carl Geraldson, Nashotah - Manufacturer (metals)

   David Geraldson Sr., Waukesha - Manufacturing (metals)

   Rev. James Gorman, Waukesha - Pastor (Retired)

   Scott Howard, Waukesha - Financial Planner

   Greg Hubley, Waukesha - Risk and Benefits Management

   Eric Love, Pewaukee - Corporate Attorney

   Patricia Madden, Waukesha - County Clerk (Retired)

   Kris Nestingen-Palm, Waukesha - Community Activism (Retired)

   Karl Robe, Mukwonago - Public Relations

   Pete Van Horn, Waukesha - (Retired), Town of Delafield Board Supervisor

   Jane Walker, Waukesha - Attorney

   Paul Watzka, East Troy - Packaging/Distribution

   LeAnne Witzel, Waukesha - Healthcare




If you would like to be considered for appointment to the Advisory Board as terms are completed or openings occur, or, to one of its working committees, please contact:

Waukesha Corps Officers, either Major Nelson De La Vergne (

or, Major Deborah De La Vergne (, 

or, phone the Waukesha Community and Worship Center at 262-547-7367.